We are enthusiastic about this new project for DPV-diving is with no doubt


In keeping up with our continuous commitment to improve our service and provide IDivers with memorable experiences, We our proud to introduce the latest addition to our range of Padi diving specialties: the Diver Propulsion Vehicles (aka DPVs or scooters).

DPVs take the physical work off your diving, propelling you effortlessly through the water, also allowing to hold position in current with easiness while diving, thus augmenting safety. DPVs increase your fun by reducing your air consumption, allowing for longer dives, and to see more taking you to areas within a dive site that are usually not reachable, such as channels, where large schools of reef sharks can be found; or swimming along with large reef dwellers like passing mantas.


Divers must be 12 years old, and hold a (Junior) Open Water Diver Certification.


The Padi DPV Diver Specialty

With 2 dives, you will learn how to safely handle a DPV, how to plan dives implementing buddy team concepts, making proper desczents and ascents and get the most out of your new diving skills. Apart from the DPV, divers use the standard equipment required for non-DPV diving.


Credit for further training

Dive 1 credits you towards the five dives required to achieve your Padi Advanced Open Water (AOW) Certification. Similarly, if taken as one of the five dives within your AOW course, dive 1 is credited towards the two dives required to achieve the Padi DPV Diver Specialty. Lastly, the  DPV Diver Specialty can be used as one of the five required to apply for your Padi Master Scuba Diver Certification, which can be achieved by any diver holding five specialties, along with a Rescue Diver Certification.